About us

KK Technical Services is a one-stop-shop for technical installations.

Regardless of the hardware you have – or how many devices you need delivered and installed – our technicians and last mile delivery crews are up for the challenge. Strategic planning, innovative systems, expert technicians, and remarkable customer service. It all combines for the greatest efficiency and least disruption.


Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Sydney, KKTS is 100% family-owned and ready to work with you.

Our story
Over 30 years ago, Kevin and Kathy Hill started a courier company, delivering fax machines and mobile phones for just one customer.

The focus in those early days was fast and friendly service. Although proud of the job they were doing, Kevin didn’t enjoy leaving end-users with equipment they couldn’t start using straight way. Always one to lend a helping hand, he soon began installing as well as delivering.


Customers were delighted with the courier who was a genuine help, as was Kevin’s client who didn’t need to send out a technician after delivery. Through word of mouth, the business grew, and Kevin and his team developed an appetite for the ever-evolving world of technology – and for making people happy. We became early adopters of new technology, setting a pace for continuous learning and growth.

KKTS was established as an alternative to the somewhat indifferent and inefficient last mile delivery companies of the day. It helped its partners such as Lexmark, Ricoh and Canon delight their customers by going well beyond expectations, and it saved a lot of headaches and downtime along the way.


Today, we have close to 350 people, national reach, world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge systems to keep everything running smoothly.


But we still value the human touch. That old-school customer service, reliability and resourcefulness is still the wellspring of our success.
Our people
We spend time searching for the right kind of people to join our team.


In addition to finding people with the right skills, we invest in those who can think analytically, who are willing to see things from other people’s perspectives, and who respond well to new technology and new situations. The result? A diverse yet cohesive team that is equal to the challenges inherent in last mile services.




KKTS is led by a dedicated group who draw on decades of experience to handle even the most complex projects. Read what Sally has to say about the people behind the business.

I think there’s a real sense of pride amongst our people. They know they’re doing what others can’t do or won’t do, and that’s really rewarding.

Sally, HR Manager

Our core principles


At KKTS’ foundation are 2 core principles that describe what we value most and what lies behind our decision making.

Our Partners

Our Partners are the reason we keep coming back every day. Every decision made is based on delivering the best possible outcome for them.

Our Team

Our Team are the ones that deliver those outcomes, and without a dedicated and engaged team our partners won’t get the quality they expect from an elite team such as KKTS.

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