Bank of Queensland

IT Hardware delivery and installations, a shared recipe for success

In 2017, KK Technical Services was contracted to perform a large printer rollout on behalf of one of our long term customers. The end-user, Bank Of Queensland, was so impressed with the outcome they came back to KKTS for additional IT Hardware rollouts. With our client’s blessing, KKTS has worked directly with BOQ ever since.


Because of our capacity to provide an end-to-end service, nationally, we’ve been able to save the Bank from having to bring multiple contractors into hundreds of locations around the country, including regional and remote locations.


The projects we’ve taken care of for BOQ have been wide ranging. We’ve undertaken site audits to ascertain hardware suitability and functionality. We’ve organised site remediation. We’ve managed ’hot swap‘ hardware items, and installed specialised keyboards into each and every branch.


Our most recent project involved night works to install wireless access points for each branch throughout the country. Our project management team determined that nightly milk runs would create the best outcomes and efficiency gains for most sites. Due to the security requirements when dealing with banks, scheduling and communication with the BOQ project team was of utmost importance.


Through our easy to use systems, BOQ staff had the ability to track the progress of each active team at a task level throughout each night. This level of transparency over the KKTS crews allowed BOQ project managers to prepare each site in advance and begin working on tasks that otherwise would have added hours to the time each of our crews spent on site.


By removing these tasks from our remit, KKTS not only reduced the cost of labour for BOQ, but also saved them the frustrations of last minute phone calls and costly mistakes which can come with the pressure of trying to keep up with KKTS’ strict schedule.


KK Technical Services’ ongoing relationship with BOQ rests on our ability to provide clear lines of communication, tried and tested methods of project management, an expert team – focused solely on IT hardware deployments – and the infrastructure and network capable of taking each task to its absolute completion.


From what we hear, no other logistics service has the capacity to deliver the quality outcomes that KKTS manages day in and day out. This is the reason BOQ has entrusted their services to KKTS time and time again.


A comment from BOQ following that first successful rollout:

Great work! I’d like to thank all KKTS staff who participated in making this a success and I’ve no doubt that, based on feedback I have personally received, KKTS will continue to play a role in future technology rollouts at BOQ.
From my dealings with you and the wider KKTS team as part of the Lexmark rollout and continuing with this work you have shown that customer service is still as important today as it always has been.  Had that not been on display during the managed print project, I most likely wouldn’t have reached out to you for this work.  It’s something that separates you from your competition.  Don’t lose sight of that. 
Please pass my thanks onto all the technicians who contributed to our shared success.

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