Nationwide Printer Rollout

How we saved our client over 50% in last mile delivery and installation costs

At the start of 2019, KKTS was approached by one of our long-term partners to assist with deployment pricing for a rollout of almost 3,000 printers. In addition to the new printers being staged, delivered and installed across the offices of a major bank, the legacy devices needed to be returned for secure recycling.


With KKTS onboard, the approach was simplified into an all-in-one, streamlined offering that was not only ideal for the end-user, but also for our partner who managed to slash their deployment costs by over 50%. We were able to achieve such significant cost savings for our client thanks to innovative installation methods and volume efficiencies.


One of the challenges surrounding this project was the extremely tight timelines in the tender requirement. Some vendors forfeited their bids, concerned the requirements would be unobtainable. The KKTS project management team was more confident. Once engaged, we schedule each run to maximise efficiencies, which reduced the rollout by months.


Thanks to thorough planning during the tender stage, our client was successful in their bid and able to hit the ground running. Pilots were conducted with heavy involvement from the KKTS project team, who developed a robust installation scope in collaboration with the end-user and solutions architects from our client’s pre-sales team.


During the deployment, access to the KKTS online portal was shared to give live information on installations as they happened throughout the country. The portal dashboard, visible from a large screen set up in a command room, was a key component in preparing the end-user’s remote support teams for their part in the installation.


To ensure a smooth transition for the end-user and negate the need for a return visit, the reverse logistics of legacy devices were handled by the same technical crews who performed the delivery and installation of the new printers. Upon return to the local KKTS depot, the legacy devices were manifested prior to being securely recycled. This efficient approach created further savings for our client.

It will not have escaped your notice that ‘the whole industry’ has been viewing our deployment with interest. Further, many external parties were very vocal in their disbelief that we would attempt to complete such a roll-out within X months. How gratifying, therefore, that we were able to complete the deployments as planned. Well done to all. It is a huge achievement and one about which we should feel very proud.


Further, and this was “music to my ears” when I heard it last week. (Name withheld) said that from his perspective (as a user) the transition-in of our devices (and out of incumbent) was “seamless”. For a user to acknowledge this publicly is very important. Again, well done everybody and thank you.

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