What We Do

We make a mighty team

We have warehouses and workshops in every capital city across the mainland.

This means we’re always in your corner; on hand to receive, store, assemble and despatch whenever and wherever you need us to.


Our Inventory Management System lets you ‘visit’ virtually.

See what you’ve got on stock and look up a whole range of information on individual items, stock reports, item history and more, it’s all available to you.

In each warehouse we have workshops staffed by expert technicians.

Our teams are ready to build, pre-configure and test your device(s) prior to delivery. They’ll even take care of software installation and firmware upgrades, so end-users don’t have to. It’s all part of the service.


To save our customers time and money, we manage devices through their full lifecycle. Our warehousing services are fully integrated with our transport and handling services, so legacy removal is taken care of in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


Legacy returns are entered into our Inventory Management System, so everything can be audited at a later date, and we consolidate recycling loads. We also give you the opportunity to harvest parts, giving you back high value parts prior to recycling.


Why our customers warehouse with us

Complete Visibility

We developed our Inventory Management System entirely around what our customers need to know to make the most informed decisions possible.

Total Control

Our customers have such insight and control via the Customer Portal, it’s as if they bought their own warehouses – and stocked them with fully trained staff as well.

Big Savings

Having goods pre-assembled means lower shipping fees, and no need to have your own state-based workshops or technicians.

Innovative Ideas

As technology changes, so do we. Our teams are frequently upskilling and innovating to improve our customers’ operations and even enhance product functionality.

You might be wondering…

Can you handle fluctuations in volumes?

We certainly can. KKTS are the experts when it comes to handling large projects, and we structure our facilities and teams to suit. We work in with the ebb and flow of your projects giving you the flexibility to ramp up as required and wind back down without having to cover expensive overheads.

Do you cater for long term storage?

Sure do. Many of our customers use KKTS to hold stock around the country. This enables shorter turnaround times for local deliveries, and allows our workshops to pull stock straight off the shelf for urgent staging. We work with a number of distributors to ensure seamless transition to our warehouses.

Would we be able to inspect and access our goods in person?

We can organise a tour of our depots if required, and for those needing consistent access to stock we have workshops available with space for technicians or warehouse managers to perform checks, repairs and more.


Why deal with the hassle of managing your own warehouse when you can share ours for a fraction of the cost?

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