Digital Signage Deployment

Supporting a major supermarket chain in over 900 stores around the country

Our client had just won a large contract for one of Australia’s best known supermarket chains – cause for celebration, to be sure. There was, however, a huge challenge ahead. While this client was known for their innovative digital solutions, the contract they were awarded specified they also had to deploy the hardware needed to bring the software rollout to fruition, within a very aggressive timeframe.


KKTS was engaged to help meet the task. We took on the logistics handling of the hardware, assisted in the development of scheduling, deployment planning, end-user communication, plus we provided short-term storage and installed the digital signage.


From the outset, KKTS’ project management team managed to prevent costly and embarrassing oversights before they happened. During the pre-planning phase, we identified potential risks to the rollout and raised these with our customer and the end-user. We also highlighted WHS regulations that had to be adhered to, which had a significant impact on the methodology used for the rollout. With the approach determined, we set out an aggressive schedule to meet the end-user’s strict timelines.


Once deployment commenced, KKTS remained in constant communication with both our client’s IT people and the end-user to ensure sites were ready for our arrival and everyone was kept up to date as devices were positioned, installed and connected by KKTS’ delivery teams. Our teams worked in unison around the country each night in metro, regional and remote locations, and managed to complete the deployment ahead of the proposed drop-dead date.


The success of this rollout was such that the end-users’ project management team decided to call on us to deploy the same devices at their AGM midway through the rollout. They have also reengaged us both to carry out further deployments for other business sectors owned by the same brand throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Bank of Queensland

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