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I’ve got a new digital product. Can you handle it and install it?

We’re confident we can. We work with customers on new technology regularly, so we’re confident we can design a way to transport and install yours.

But aren’t you just a delivery company?

We’re far more than a standard freight company, and much more than the average last mile delivery company too. We offer a turnkey solution for our clients, which combines last mile delivery with white glove services that include technical installation and reverse logistics, so everything is taken care of by us in one visit.

Can we use individual services? For example, just your sensitive freight services?

Yes, you can. We may recommend you combine certain services but ultimately the choice is yours.

What are ‘white glove’ services, exactly?

In the logistics and transportation industry, white glove essentially indicates a premium delivery service – going well above what standard freight and shipping services offer. This generally covers packaging, loading and unloading sensitive freight or fragile goods with precision.


Our definition of white glove services goes even further, extending to setting products up and configuring them for you, removing legacy devices, and going above and beyond in terms of communication throughout the entire job.

What is ‘last mile’ delivery?

The last mile is the final step in the delivery process – the journey that takes your product from its final distribution hub to where your customer needs it.

What do you do with old machines/equipment?

We take legacy devices back to our warehouse, enter them into our inventory management system, secure data, and arrange recycling. We can also refurbish or parts harvest old machines.

So, you can project manage the entire deployment?

That’s right. No matter how big or small the deployment, you can leave everything to us – from warehousing to pre-staging and configuration, delivery and installation – even end-user training.

Do I get discounts for higher volumes?

Of course! We may recommend combining certain services to achieve greater savings – the larger the project the more efficient we can be. We manage each project based on their complexities and then streamline our processes to suit.

How far is your reach?

With around 250 technicians working with us, we have every possible location in Australia and New Zealand covered. We’ve delivered and installed on mine sites, remote islands, even onto submarines.

How can we keep track of where our project is up to?

Through our client portal. Your dashboard gives you live information every step of the way. If you have your own technicians, you can use the portal to keep them up to date on ETA’s.

How does your team keep up with the pace of technological change?

Our culture, people and systems enable us to keep up. We:


  • retain staff with the kind of skills and experience that never dates
  • work in collaboration with our partners to learn all we need to
  • share knowledge consistently


Every job is an opportunity for lessons to be filtered up or down and for ongoing improvement.

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