Storage & Logistics

KK Technical Services (KKTS) plans and implements the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods from your point-of-origin to meeting all your customers’ requirements including management of:

  • New stock
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Demo models and loan pools prior to sale
  • Repair, recovery and refurbishment


“From my dealings with my project manager and the wider KKTS team as part of the Lexmark rollout and continuing work, you have shown how exemplary customer service at KKTS is as important today as it always has been. It’s something that separates you from your competition.”

Senior Project Manager
Bank of Queensland

Demo models and loan pools

KKTS maintains a full useage history and current condition of all models in your demonstration and loan pool. All models are prepared ready for use for the next customer with settings restored and supplies replenished.

Repair, recovery and refurbishment

KK provides experienced technicians to repair machines, refurbish them for resale, or to harvest parts prior to recycling.

These services can be requested for a singular machine, as a default for particular models or as standard action for all equipment. Harvested parts are labelled, stored and listed on our Stock System for our clients’ records and future use.


KK offers an environmentally-sound solution for recycling old equipment, meeting all Federal and State Government requirements

Equipment for e-recycling can be returned to a KK depot in the nearest capital city and assessed by our technicians. Items can be held in storage until all checks have been made, and clients receive an assessment report prior to confirming the recycling process.

Upon confirmation, KK can handle delivery to the nearest recycling depot on each client’s behalf.