Our Values

At KKTS we believe in honesty, fairness, kindness, mutual respect, loyalty, enthusiasm, commitment, reliability and resilience.

Our Mission

We make our customers look great to theirs.

Our Vision

The KK Team aim to be the leading Technical Services delivery company in Australia.




We recognise that people do business with companies and individuals that they can trust to do what they say when they say.


We are accountable for our actions and outcomes at all times as a business and as individuals.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that success is driven by an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.


We are committed to developing a culture that embraces change, we encourage all KKTS teams to create new solutions and improve existing ones.

Our Team

We encourage all members of the KK team to create a positive, friendly, caring, safe and productive workplace.

Our Customers

We believe in a culture where there is a consistent focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our Environment 

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously at all times and at all levels within our business.

Our Community

KKTS is a responsible and supportive business within all the communities that we operate.