What We Do

We make your last impression count

We offer meticulous white glove handling so you can breathe easy.

Your product is packed, delivered and put in place, safe and sound.


We troubleshoot and fix technical issues on the spot.

This ensures products are operating at full functionality on Day 1.


We combine professional delivery with professional installation.

Need it mounted? We take care of that too.

We include end-user training.

Our technicians frequently draw praise for their genuinely helpful advice and ability to speak human.


We take away what’s no longer needed.

Legacy device removal, clean-up, and data destruction and device refurbishment are all part of the service.


Tell us what you’ve got and we’ll work out the best way to get it onsite and operational in one streamlined visit.


Maybe it’s just the one piece of equipment. Maybe you’ve got a nationwide rollout on your hands. No need to bring in more than one supplier for delivery, installation and reverse logistics. No lag time between delivery and installation. No mess or old machinery left behind. We take care of everything, from set up to clean up.


Why our customers keep coming back

Nationwide Reach

With a network that spans Australia and New Zealand, there’s nowhere we can’t go. Did we mention we’ve even worked on submarines?

Premium customer experience

Our crews are highly trained to make sure your products are handled properly and your customers are delighted at every turn.

Fewer visits, more savings

With technicians on board and the ability to take away legacy devices, we condense what would normally be 3 visits into 1, slashing downtime. This also prevents the requirement to leave equipment onsite where it gets in the way of the customer.

Complete oversight

Our purpose built live tracking system allows you and your customers to track the installation of each piece of equipment as it happens.

You might be wondering…

What do we mean by ‘white glove’ service, exactly?

In the logistics and transportation industry, white glove essentially indicates a premium delivery service – going well above what standard freight and shipping services offer. This generally covers packaging, loading and unloading sensitive freight or fragile goods with precision.

Our definition of white glove services goes even further, extending to setting products up and configuring them for you, removing legacy devices, and going above and beyond in terms of communication throughout the entire job.

What do you do with old machines/equipment?

We take legacy devices back to our warehouse, enter them into our inventory management system, secure data, and arrange for recycling or prepare for resale.

Do I get discounts for higher volumes?

Yes, you do. To find out how that works, get in touch with one of our expert sales team members.

Not sure if we can help you?

We’d be happy to find out


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